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Situated in the village of Omusheshe, about 4 kilometers from Ongwediva, Gems Field Private School is opening its doors for the first time this year in September, 2016.

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We welcome all Junior Primary grades 1 to 3 Learners to embrace our English First Language, LCE Learner-centered learning strategies.


Strong English language literacy and oral communication skills constitute key determinants on the Learner's eventual opportunity to enter the workforce, college, and university of their choice. We only employ teachers who possess such English language competency for the direct benefit of our Learners.

Learner Centered Education LCE... NO ONE IS LEFT OUT!

Gems Field operates on LCE principles, where the Learner is put at the center of the learning equation. Lessons take place in a classroom as in a group structure, however, the teachers are trained to individualize Learner needs and accommodate those who require alternate teaching methodology for their optimal learning experience. This inclusive, gender-neutral, and ability-based instructional approach ensures Learners from varying backgrounds advance to their highest potential for their age level.

See our Modern Facilities

Gems Field Private School's first phase was completed in 2015 with an administration office/staff reception room, 3 oversized classrooms with solar-electricity, running water, flush toilets, internet and telephone access. An industrial grade high 2.1 metre chain-link security fence surrounds the 1-hectare compound.

Hostel Services Available...

Gems Field has limited spaces available for those Learners who need to stay in a hostel. Only 50 metres away from the compound, a house is designated for student hostel services, operated and managed by Gems Field to ensure good, professional, and loving care is provided to your precious child. Please contact the school for more details on our hostel services.

What do we Teach?

Gems Field follows the new 2015 National MOE syllabus for English First Language teaching endorsed by the Ministry of Education, plus adding extras. A summary of subjects are as follows:

  • English language usage, grammar, native context, reading and writing
  • Second language,literacy and communication
  • Mathematics, number sense, operators, patterns, etc
  • Environmental studies including hands-on exploration of our environment
  • Religous and moral studies, self-care and confidence
  • Art and culture, including music, visual, and 3-D
  • Physical Education, including good, old-fashioned team play

Our School Schedule Summary

  • School opens at 7:00 am on government school days
  • Classes start at 7:30 am for all learners
  • Grades 1 and 2 classes end at 1:30 pm
  • Classes end at 2:00 pm for grade 3 Learners
  • Daytime Learners may arrive from 7:00 am and must be picked up 30 minutes after the end of classes
  • Government holidays are honored, and the school calendar coincides with the government school calendar

Contact us:

  • Phone: 065-238-440
  • E-mail: gemsfpschool@gmail.com
  • PO Box 3772 Ongwediva

Download our information and application package

  • General application form
  • fee schedule 2017
  • Admission and payment policy
  • Stationery list
  • Road Map to Gems Field

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