Commercial Systems Installation and Maintenance

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Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Contracting

Green-First Technologies Inc. provides EPC international contracting services for solar PV renewable energy installations. Call on us if you have a project idea, and we will bring it to fruition.

Outline of the Process

  • 1. Send us your project outline, in a few paragraphs, to email including the following information:
    • a. Project location, country, region, nearest city, geographic coordinates
    • b. Project description, fixed or rotating axis mount, preferred technology, storage yes or no, etc
    • c. Size reactive output capacity MVA
    • land,
    • d. permits and licenses, EIA, power purchase agreements thus far attained, if any
    • Project e. funding plan
    • f. Your company name, party contact name and information, email, tel number and address
  • 2. Following a brief feasibility assessment of your project outline, we will contact you providing feedback as to the project's possibility in becoming a reality
  • 3.Should you decide to pursue your project, we then send you an invoice for the project planning stage which typically ranges from USD$20,000 to $35000 depending on project size, location, and complexity. Planning services include:
    • a. Complete business planning including feasibility, cashflow, cost and timeline breakdown
    • b.Technical design of project, including site layout, technological options, access, SLD
    • c. Material procurement options, least cost solution for highest quality components
    • d. Construction cost breakdown, employing local and non-local services factoring in practicality, skill availability, and positive community impact
    • e. Human resource designation, acceptable wage and expense overhead structures based on political and demographic considerations
    • f. Licenses, permits, regulations, and other soft cost factors
    • g. Independent Power Producer's IPP application process completed
  • 4. During this stage you will be prompted by us to pursue the needed processes under our guidance, such as attaining an EIA, National/regional/municipal land clearance, power purchase clients, grid connection agreements, etc.
  • 5. We review all pertinent documentation and procedures prior to your handing in of the iPP license, making any last minute changes on demand as necessary
  • Project Construction

    Upon attaining necessary documentation and with funding in place for your project, Green-First prepares a contract for the construction phase, the cost dependent on the level of risk and degree of delegation of responsibilities. Cost of EPC ranges from 1 - 5 % of overall project cost.Options are negotiated and implemented in the overall construction plan as per client requirement.

    Project Completion and Maintenance of Installation

    Upon completion and commissioning of the project installation, Green-First will place on-site staff 24 hours per day to ensure full system functionality, reliability, and safe operation in accordance with the drafted operational and maintenance plan

    Any modifications or alterations which may be required will be conducted on-site immediately with minimal interruption to system performance or additional cost outside of what is dictated in the maintenance contract.

    Once system reliability is established, a full maintenance and emergency response crew will be situated within 30 minutes of the project site

    This response time may be specific to the maintenance contract, as you may need continuous on-site crews depending on your energy application and the complexity of the project.

    Green-First Technologies Inc. is dedicated to transforming your renewable energy initiatives into reality.

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